Technology for contented EXPERIENCE

Avalta GRANITO has always remained a front runner in adopting and exploiting newer and more advanced technologies. Its sprawling new and ultramodern ceramic tile plant based at MORBI, just 184 km away from MUDRA PORT (INDIA) is a candid example of this. The fully automated integrated ceramic tile plant is built in technical collaboration with world leaders ‘SACMI of Italy. It offers the largest start-up capacity for manufacturing endless varieties of high-quality world-class Ceramic tiles – for low traffic, medium traffic and high abrasion areas.

With advanced technology and exact quality control measures that guarantee product quality in terms of perfect uniformity of size, dimension, colour, pattern etc., fully automated Avalta GRANITO plant makes every Avalta GRANITO product an unparalleled piece of top-notch quality, perfect finish and lasting endurance. Avalta GRANITO have redefined the image and position of Indian products in the quality-sensitive International market.

Factory Premises

1,90,000 sq. Mt

Three Ball Mills

Capacity 360 M.Ton


Capacity 360 M.Ton

Spray Dryer

We have four different spray dryer with a high capacity Because of these technologies we can produce maximum and minimum Number of bodies and colours at any time.

Dico Planner

India's First Automized Quality Checking Machine Set.

Sacmi Press

Avalta Granito Has SACMI Set of Latest Technology Presses.(250meter long Klin)5 Layer Horizontal Dryer